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Are you looking for professional football agent and intermediary representation. Do you believe you have what it takes to join the successful team of clients at New Face Talents If so complete the player scouting form below. If you meet the required criteria a scout will be sent to come and watch you play. Once a player has been watched the scouts will be able to make a true assessment of your ability. Please be aware scouts will only be sent to watch football players within the United Kingdom.

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All successful applicants will be invited to a meeting with scouts and recruitment staff to discuss becoming a client at New Face Talents

Please keep in mind that some football players may require to watched more than once in different scenarios and positions (home and away) this will help complete a full player profile to work with and promote as a player and client.

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Please provide as much information as possible, in the box marked additional information. This will help with any further assessment, especially if you are:

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Player Representation

For most professional footballers getting scouted is one of the most stressful times in their career. Most upcoming footballers tend to think they have missed their chance if they haven’t been scouted by a top academy at a young age. This isn’t true, as we have all seen the pathway of Jarrod Bowen. With consistency and an enormous amount of hard work and he went from non league to premier league and still went on to represent England, and have a successful international career.

His story has given every player the hope that they haven’t been overlooked or even missed the boat? The realisation of this is, you dont have to be an academy scholar at a top club to play first team football. The pathway is completely different for every footballer, and the road to success or wembley, is never a straight road.

For anyone who has been in professional football or even spent time at a professional football academy would have witnessed the rise of the next new wonderkid. These players are usually rated highly and put in the brackets of being in the top ten players in the country or UK. These wonderkids are usually snapped up and bought by one of the big premier league clubs for a large fee. It’s also no surprise that a few years later they haven’t been heard of and have suddenly slipped off the radar. It may have been through injury or they’ve just fallen out of favour at their club. Some of these players may have been released without a sniff of s scholarship, while others have just fallen out of love with the beautiful game. This is where we come into it.

We are here to re-introduce everyone who has the potential and desire to make it in football full time. You dont have to be one of the wonderkids of the worlds that didn’t make it, but a with a little of Jarrod Bowen’s desire to never give up will help us to help you find your level. As a company Route One Sports Management look for players that have the Belief, the Desire and the Drive. If you believe that your ready to make it in football, then complete the contact form or email your football CV and clips today.